Who We Are


Holland Voisen

Executive Pastry Chef, Owner

At Montana Wildflour our main objective is to create incredible sweets that taste as good as they look to compliment your special day or event. We aspire to combine unique flavors and designs to make truly extraordinary custom cakes and delightful handheld pastries. We take pride in our product, using local ingredients as often as possible, as well as locally grown flowers and designs inspired by the beautiful place we call home.  

Owner, Holland Voisen, founded Montana Wildflour in 2019, following an inevitable path of baking. Holland attended the Culinary Institute of Montana at FVCC through the running start program during her senior year of high school.  It was there that she learned the foundation of baking & pastry and began to develop her skills.

In the years following culinary school, Holland moved to San Diego, CA, furthering her career making special event desserts. More recently, 3 years ago, Holland moved back to her home town of Whitefish, MT and began working as the pastry chef for Great Northwest Catering in Kalispell, MT. While still working with the Great Northwest Catering team currently, in 2019, Holland began her own project, Montana Wildflour.